Friday, May 25, 2007

mid year resolutions

Has it really been so long since I blogged?
Arizona is treating us well! It's been hot, but not unbearable (yet). The kids are enjoying the water and I'm enjoying new friends.
What have I been doing? Sewing. Lots of and lots of sewing. One might call me obsessed. Since that first really cute outfit I made for Little Sister, I've created four more. And because that wasn't enough, I've taken up making bows to go with them. What's that? You want to see pictures? Here's a little taste:

I'll get to work on pictures of the rest.

One problem---Little Boy is a bit jealous of all the new outfits I'm making for his sister and needs a little love sewn for him. I made spiderman pajama shorts, but that was clearly not enough. Outfits for Little Boy coming soon. Good thing he's not easily embarrassed yet because they will be matching to Little Sister.

All this sewing has put me sorely behind on the rest of my life, though, so today I'm making mid-year resolutions.

*Scrapbook! I haven't done any since our big move and I'm very behind. I miss it. As soon as all my planned outfits are finished (and the blanket I promised for a darling newborn boy), I'm trading the needle and thread for glue sticks and cardstock.

*Blog! I miss my blog. I miss the comments that make me feel like superstar. I miss writing.

*Eat Well! Oh boy. Since the move, I haven't eaten very well and have gained some of my old weight back. It's not pretty and I feel like poo. Today it ends! Today I will eat healthier and lighter.

What are your mid-year resolutions?