Wednesday, November 25, 2009

this lemon isn't making any lemonade

A drive anywhere by myself is a rare treat these days as is a grocery shopping trip by myself. I fully enjoyed the quiet in the van and shopping without stopping to pick up my list off the floor after Stella had thrown it out for the tenth time or breaking out the fruit snacks to keep her happy for 2 minutes.

After a long shopping trip of dogging turkey and stuffing seeking shoppers (no turkeys to be found) and a cart filled to overflowing, I loaded everything into the back of the van. I sat down in the driver's seat with a big sigh and moment of regret for not buying anything tasty to drink on the way home. I did have that much needed gallon of bunny tracks ice cream to look forward to when I got home, though, so I quickly put the key in the ignition and turned.

All in the turn of the ignition, the needles on the gauges started jumping around, the lights on the panel started blinking, the windshield wipers came on and sprayed wiper fluid on the windshield, the doors were locking and unlocking and the horn was blaring. I think the only thing that didn't happen was the starting of the engine. I think I laughed. Nothing was funny, but if I didn't laugh, I think I would have truly thought my van was possessed and have run screaming. I waited a moment or two and tried again---nothing but a blaring horn and locks locking and unlocking. Fantastic.

I called Steve at home and he cursed the name of our Lemon of a Van for not the first time, and found the roadside assistance phone number for me. Roadside Assistance sent someone to jump start the van, but he quickly discovered there was nothing wrong with the battery and was only rewarded with a horn in his face when I tried starting the van. The very nice 70-year-old man with very little, if any, teeth offered to drive me home when he found out that Steve couldn't come get me (kids asleep and not enough car seats for them). I politely declined his offer even when he reminded me that he was old enough to be my great-grandfather. I was too tired to make his day by telling him that he was only a year old than my Father.

I called Steve again and we tried to figure out a way to get me and the groceries home. Steve was worried about the meat going bad. All I could think about was my gallon of ice cream slowly melting in the back. Luckily for the groceries, but unluckily for me clad in flip flops and short sleeves, it was a cold night. I called the only person from church I know more than just in passing (she's a facebook friend, how much closer can we get than that!?), but couldn't get a hold of her. I called the only other person I really know here, my long-time Internet friend, Jess. She didn't hesitate to jump in her car and come rescue my ice cream me.

The fate of the lemon is still undecided. This morning it was towed 2+ hours away to the nearest Saturn dealership after other GM dealerships right where we live wouldn't service it (never mind that Chevy has the EXACT van with a Chevy name). All I know is that thing is not giving me any lemonade. At least I still have my ice cream.

Monday, November 23, 2009

who you callin' a tramp?

I've always said I wouldn't ever have a trampoline. Words Eaten.

When we broke the big news to the kids that we were moving to Arkansas, one of the first things we told them was that we would have a big yard and would get them a trampoline. They were sold!

We made good on our promise and finally got it all set up on Saturday. Taylor and Sidney spent most of the day out there and Stella joined them later. They jumped yesterday until it was dark and time to come inside for dinner and started asking to go out to jump at 6:30 this morning (when it was still dark and wet outside). I'd say it's a hit!

tractor dad

Part of the fun of having a nice big yard is having a nice big ride-on lawn mower! Steve's lawn mowing debut turned out to be quite the show. Taylor and Sidney cheered him on (go daddy go!) and the horses in the field behind us trotted over to get a glimpse (and proceeded to run away when the mower backfired).

I'm not sure mowing the lawn is supposed to be this much fun!

Monday, November 09, 2009

musings of new writers

Watching my child learn to read/write is a complete joy to me! I've always loved to read and there are times when I love to write and seeing my kids find the joy in that is high on my list. Sidney just turned 5 years old and is learning to read and write. I've been finding some funny little notes around the house---on paper, on the chalkboard, etc. Here's some of the latest and greatest:

MUSKTEER iS THE BEST (Barbie has a musketeers movie out that Sidney loves).




I love that she uses all caps except for the "i"s.

Sidney is just following in the footsteps of big brother, Taylor, who likes to write short stories, and loves reading. He is whipping right through the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books ( he read two last week and is halfway through another one!) and tries to read for an hour a night! Yesterday, he started writing a story that I found lying around. I'm not sure why the funny spacing....but I got a kick out of it!

Moon Myiesterys #1

Chapter 1
are we on the moon?

Once there was
1 asternot.
They live in orlando, flarda.
One time they blasted
into space!
There misson
was to
go to the moon.
When they have got there he
said "Are
we on the
And Something anssered.
And it said "yes."

Talk about a cliffhanger! My kids are awesome!

Monday, November 02, 2009

halloween part II

Have you heard the one about The Ninja, The Witch, and The Puppy?

Me neither. And it's probably not even funny.

Halloween got put on the back burner this year because of our big move to Arkansas. If we could have managed it, Halloween wouldn't have even happened this year, but as kids grow up and go to school, their teachers teach them silly things like how to read a calendar and there was no getting around it. This is the first year that we bought a costume at the store for Taylor. Normally I would care. This year, I don't! I did put together Stella's, so maybe my mom-of-the-year award won't be taken away just yet.

It took one or two houses for Stella to catch on to the trick-or-treating idea. She learned very quickly to go up to the door, speech some gibberish and hold open her bag. When she got candy, she waved goodbye and took off down the driveway saying "Go!" It was completely adorable and even though she was mistaken for a cow, she was the cutest puppy (a tie, of course, for the puppy that Taylor dressed as for his 2nd Halloween).

halloween part I

I used my powers of persuasion to talk the kids into painting their pumpkins this year instead of carving (because I'm the master carver in the house and that was not on my mile long list of things to do). They must have sensed the borderline hysteria in my voice, because they complied and were happy about it.

There are some artists in the family (and that list does not include me) and one of my favorite things is to watch my kids use their creative skills and be little artists. However, next time, Taylor's artistic flair might have to be taken outside to prevent the splatters of red paint that ended up all over the kitchen. Stella had her first painting experience and was enthralled! I let her get messy, but drew the line when she started painting her face and then her chair. There are many more pictures of Stella because, well, it's her first time and these things must be documented. Enjoy!