Monday, April 27, 2009

our poetic family

Sunday evening, the kids wanted to give the lesson for Family Home Evening. They decided on teaching us about Missionaries and for our activity, Taylor asked us all to write poems about missionaries. Here you go for your giggling pleasure:

First we start with what could only be written by a 4-year-old girl:

Mariposa Missionary
She always helps people
She teaches people
She is really nice
She is a pretty girl butterly

Then mine, which is completely lame:

Missionaries come from far and near
They teach the people and never fear
Righteous and strong young women and men
Preach the gospel and save people from sin

Taylor's was completely cute (with his spelling):

Mishinaries travel near and far. All in one place. They teach the gospel.
They eat dinner at peaples house!
I hope on my missin I will go to Guam!

And then Steve. Leave it to him to produce this little beauty:

Missionaries wear a black name tag
They never let their dress pants sag
What they teach is not a gag
Accept the gospel and eternal life's in the bag
Now listen hard or the missionaries will nag
Don't get baptized and fingers will wag
Good missionaries are famous on the cover of a mag
If you don't work hard your wife'll be a hag

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

playing catch up

What happened to the month of March? Or the first half of April for that matter? We were busy living the good life as's a little bit of what we did:
Go Green
We went Green for St. Patty's day complete with a Green dinner. The kids planted a faux pot-o-gold to attract a leprechaun, but athe leprechauns around here were too smart to be fooled by ripped up peices of yellow construction paper.

A Pirate Says Arrrg!

With her flair for the dramatic (nobody says 'ARRRG' better than Sidney), pirate day at preschool was right up Sid's alley. Who would have thought that Sidney's white shirt that went with her Christmas outfit would also double as a perfect pirate's shirt? The pink flip-flops probably weren't exactly authentic pirate wear, but what is a pirate without a little pink glitter?

Movin' On Up

Although she still can't walk, Stella has learned to climb. She can scale the toilet and make it onto the bathrom counter in seconds flat and hanging out behind the TV has become a favorite past time. If you come over for dinner, please remember to push in your chair at the dinner table lest we find Stella on top of the table swinging from the chandelier.

Techno Baby

Every baby loves the remote control (remind me again---why do we buy them toys??), but Stella has taken it a step further and swipes any portable electronic she can get her hands on. The house phone, the cell phone, the IPod, you name it. The funny thing is, I think she really thinks that I am the one taking her stuff and she is just taking it back. Like this look----she seems to be saying "Step off, Mom, I'm trying to listen to some tunes. Hey, where'd you hide the ear buds?"

Just the Boys

Steve and Taylor made a trip to Colorado for cousin Andrew's 8th Birthday and Baptism. This was quite possibly the highlight of Taylor's short little life. Every paper he brought home from school that had any sort of creative writing assignment had the same theme: The trip to Colorado. When asked to write a story about a happy time, he wrote, "On March 24 I'm going to my cosins Birthday! On Birthdays I get Exsited! I'm going to Chokey Cheese at there. the End." For another assignment he was asked to write a newspaper article about Spring Break. Spring Break was the week before his Colorado trip, so he wrote "We will pack up, buy present for my cousin and play. It won't be fun, but playing is fun. I can't wait to go to Calorado! I'm Exsited." And one of the hottie husband and his sister, Kristina (Andrew's mom.)
And then there's Me

A lot of reading, a little sewing, and a bit of everything else thrown in. Check out this cute little purse I made:

And then came Easter...I'm not that far caught up. Maybe I'll blog about that in, oh, June or so.