Wednesday, June 28, 2006

works-for-me wednesday: playing with food

It's fun! It's edcuational! It convinces Little Boy to eat! He loves it!
Works for me!

Hint: Use kitchen scissors on quesadillas. That also works for me!

Monday, June 26, 2006

behind the makeup

Rachelle, the host of My Life Monday, has left today's topic open for us to choose our own. I have changed my mind about the topic I have picked about a dozen times, but in the end I decided to go forth with it. Today: Behind the Makeup.

I've worn makeup since my mom started letting me. I was excited to wear it and I always have. It was fun, flirty, sassy, dramatic, and unnecessary. I could easily not wear any (especially in the summer when I was tan) and be just fine. Then Lupus came into my life, wreaked havoc on my face, and makeup became necessary. In fact, that was my very first symptom of the disease--the characteristic red butterfly shaped rash across my face. I have high hopes of the medications taking it away, but so far no luck. So I use makeup and lots of it every day to cover the rash. Most of my friends say they don't notice it that much, but they also don't know that how much I'm covering it up!

Behind the makeup is a very red face that may or not fade. I'm still getting used to it and trying to accept it. There is some permanent damage that will never go away, but I'm looking forward to the day when we find the right cocktail of medication that will make most of it fade and makeup can be fun and unnecessary again. This is me, behind the makeup: After the full makeup regime:

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a monster of a night

You can hold your ears, but you can't stop the rumble!!!
Little Boy, BIG tire!
Our fabulous monster truckin' family (minus Little Sister who was at home in her bed)
This is so cool!
" Arachnaphobia"
"Natural High"
And Little Boy's new favorite monster truck: "Jurassic Attack!"
That's right, we had an awesome time at the monster truck show! It was way past Little Boy's bedtime and he was tired, but he thought it was great. The noise the trucks made? Not that fun. I didn't follow the advice of all of you and take earplugs, but a very nice grandma sitting next to us offered Little Boy a pair when she saw him holding his ears. I have never seen Little Boy sit so still and quiet for so long. We can't wait until next time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy birthday little boy!

Just so you all know, I tried to blog this all day yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me post more than three pictures. Blame blogger!!

First the business: Steve is doing better and we made it home from our trip in one piece. His official diagnosis is that he has a Bulging Disk. He's still hurting a bit, coming off the vicadin, and he's going to physical therapy. Thanks for all of the well wishes.

Now to the fun! Little Boy turned four over the weekend! We had his Monster Truck birthday party and went to the Monster Truck Show. To quote Little Boy, "It was so fun!" This will be a two-part blog because I can't fit it all into one!

First the party.

Little Boy's friends, the three siblings from Katy-did-What, and the super-heros from Erin's Third Law joined us at the park where we had a Monster good time playing, eating, busting open a Monster Truck pinata, and trying to shield the candles on the cake from the wind. Little Boy had a great time and I hope his friends did too--if they didn't, the massive amounts of sugar we forced upon them was sure to remedy that.

A party in pictures:

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

wish you were here!

"It will be fun, right?"

Famous last words.

I hadn't planned on blogging while we are away on our trip, but I've got plenty of time on my hands now.

All my worry about getting to the airport, luggage checked, and to the gate should have been the least of my concerns. That part was the easiest part of the trip thus far. Our flight left right at naptime. I fooled myself into thinking that Little Sister would nap through the flight while Little Boy colored happily next to us. Ha ha ha. Little Sister did not nap despite the Benedryl I gave her (ya, I drug my kids, what's it to ya?). I saw a new side of her that I don't care to ever see again. Little Boy did not color, but he was very well behaved most of the day. We were all very happy to see Daddy when we finally arrived.

My kids sleep a lot. Little Boy averages about 12 hours a night and Little Sister about 13 hours a night with a 1 1/2-2 hour nap every day. They need sleep and they sleep well. Not so away from home this time. They both got about 8 hours of sleep last night. Guess how happy they are? Not very. Oh, but keep're still at the easy part of the trip.

We went out to see some sights and about 20 minutes into it, we stop and as Steve leaned down to get Little Boy out of his carseat, I heard "aaahhhhh! Oh no!" Steve fell to his knees on the pavement and was holding in back. He couldn't get up and said he was in severe pain. Finally, I got him to the passenger seat and back to the hotel where I had to get a wheelchair to get him to our room. Wanting to avoid the cost of the Emergency Room, we found a medical center and made him an appointment for a couple hours later--right during naptime. Instead of settling Little Sister down for a much needed nap, I loaded two tired kids and one hurting husband into the car and headed to the doctor. A demerol shot, a steroid shot, some Vicadin, a muscle relaxer, an MRI, and five hours later, we made it back to our hotel.

The next two days should prove to be interesting. May I have some of that Vicadin, please?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

five things i have learned this week

Things I've learned this week. Hopefully Emily doesn't mind me stealing her format for a day.

1. It's very sad to live so far away from Grandparents. Steve's parents were here for a few days and Little Boy was entertained and had so much fun. Little Sister was thrilled to have someone who would read to her whenever she wanted. Both were very sad and cried when we dropped Grandpa and Grandma off at the airport today. An airplane was taking off as we left and Little Boy said "That's Grandpa and Grandma's plane!" I told him he should wave goodbye to them and he lowered his head, started crying again and said "I don't want to wave. I miss them." He breaks our hearts.

2. Lite Brites are much cooler now than when we were kids! Little Boy got one from Aunt K for his birthday and it's a hit! I highly recommend it.

3. Blogging is time consuming. I guess I already knew that, but it was reaffirmed this week. It's been really busy and while I love doing it, sometimes I just don't have 3 hours to sit down and think of something witty to write. I also haven't had the time this week to read all the blogs I'd like to read. There are many of you who haven't heard from me on your blogs in awhile and I'm feeling bad about that. And when I do read and want to comment, Blogger decides it hates me and crashes. I'm going to reform next week, though and go on a blog reading and commenting spree. Just you wait.

4. Traveling with children is so much more complicated because of carseats. The kids and I are accompanying Steve on a business trip this week, but he flew out today and we're to follow tomorrrow. As I sat this morning still trying to figure out the logistics of carting two small children, two huge carseats, and luggage from the parking lot to check-in I had a brilliant idea. Forget parking...I'm getting a shuttle to come to my house and pick us up. He can drop us off at he curb and we can use the skycap service. Problem solved, but it still sounds a bit hairy. Oh well. It will be fun, right? I'll be back to report on that.

5. Emily looks SMOKIN' with her new hair cut. People, I've seen it in person and it's truly hot. Snap. Crackle. POP.

That's all there is, there is no more.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

if the shoe fits...

I have about ten pairs of shoes (pair, pairs?). About five of those are considered nice enough to actually wear in public. I was a bit jealous surprised to find that Little Sister has twelve pairs of shoes and all of them are cute, stylish, and she actually wears them. (In my own defense, four of the pairs are hand-me-downs.) I love looking at shoes for her. And she's no help. The moment we turn down the shoe aisle at the store I hear "SHOES!!!!! Shoes on!" She struggles to take off the shoes currently on her feet so she can try on new ones. This isn't learned behavior, the girl just loves shoes.

Lest you think I'm wasteful, only one pair of these shoes cost more than $10 and they were for Easter and I couldn't find any white dress shoes for any less. The majority were about $5 each. How can I not buy a pair of cute shoes when they cost less than a trip to Carl's Jr (and don't contribute to childhood obesity)?

I already have in mind a couple of pairs of shoes that I'd like for her to have, but luckily the store has been out of her size each time I've gone. These cute little rubber clogs from Payless have been calling my name (and hers...she tries to wear Little Boy's blue ones) and she must have pink cowgirl boots this winter.

Maybe I live a little vicariously through Little Sister. I've accepted this and I'm okay with it: I'd love to be in her shoes!

the baby formerly known as fat girl

My dear Aunt J from Texas emailed me recently and told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog. However, she had a concern about me calling my precious daughter 'Fat Girl.' She reminded me that the girlie will be older soon and will be able to read these things. You know, she's right (as the older, wiser generation most often are) and Fat Girl needs a new name. She has all sorts of nicknames...Sister, Princessa, Bella Beautiful, Bella Roonie, Funny Bunny, Silly Sue, Bug, Baby Girl...the list goes on and on. From the day she was born, Little Boy has called her by her first name ________ Sister.

From here forth, Fat Girl shall be known as Little Sister.

Thanks for the reminder Aunt J! And happy reading!

Friday, June 02, 2006

somebody loves little boy

Little Boy loves Monster Trucks! We don't know where this love came from since dad is into a much smaller mode of transportation, but the love of these trucks is big!

Little Boy has been talking about his Monster Truck birthday party for months now. I've tried to talk him into something else for the theme, but he has never wavered. Apparently, this is a popular age for this kind of theme because the party ideas I've found have all been posted by moms of three and four year olds.

I have been wishing that there was a Monster Truck show sometime soon because I know how much Little Boy would love it. Today we heard on the radio that there is a show coming to our town...ON LITTLE BOY'S BIRTHDAY! We are buying tickets today---but SHHHH---Don't tell Little Boy! It's a surprise!

Somebody loves Little Boy!