Sunday, January 22, 2012

tangled up in fun

Four years ago, our sweet little Stella Susan was born.  She has grown so fast, so pretty, and so smart.  We had such a fun time celebrating her birthday Tangled style!  (Which is actually very appropriate considering that this little girl also tangles her hair into huge knots with her fingers while she sleeps...  another story...)

Stella loves Tangled and Stella loves Purple, so this party was just calling her name!  I took a few ideas from PagingSupermom, and combined with a few of my own and I declare this Tangled party a success! 

First up, the Invites.  I love making invites.  It's a sickness, really.  I'm quite proud of these babies:
We ended up having to postpone the party by a week since Stella started running a high fever (ON her birthday, no less!) a couple of days before the party.  Finally the party day came and Stella's friends were welcomed by a "WANTED" poster on our front door:

Inside was a sea of purple and gold!  I can't decide if the lanterns or the sunburst bunting is my favorite.

Stella wore her Rapunzel dress and we fashioned her some braided Rapunzel hair, complete with flowers, just like when the little girls in the movie braided Rapunzel's hair.
Oh, my sweet Stella Sue! You are such a great kiddo! I love your smiles and silly grins!

I learned several birthday parties ago that Cakes are not my forté, so Thank You to Wal*Mart for a cake that Stella adored!
We started the party by coloring a few Tangled pages.  I love coloring pages at the beginning of parties.  It is something fun to do while all the guests arrive and for late comers, they can just take the pages home to color.  After this, we played an exciting game of "Find Pascal!" I learned something very important: Three and Four year old girls cheat.  They haven't quite grasped the 'no peeking' rule.  Pascal wasn't too hard to find.  Finally, all the girls made a paper lantern.  I sent each guest home with a small glow stick to put inside her lantern at bedtime.   I love the way they turned out:
Stella has the cutest little friends---Thanks for getting Tangled Up in Fun with us, girls!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i quit (sort of)

There are not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to Do and/or Be.  So, I've decided to do/be none of them.  I'm an equal opportunity quitter.  I mean, it's not fair to my scrapbooks if I go finish that quilt I'm working on.  And it's certainly not fair to the book I started to finish decorating my bathroom and not finish the book.  So I quit.  For Today. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to be a seamstress, quilter, scrapbooker, happy homemaker, novelist, writer, photographer, and Great Wife, Mom, and Friend.  Because tomorrow HAS to have more hours than today, right?