Monday, August 31, 2009

silly stella

I call this photo "Leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep on this oh-so-comfy lego table."

Stella has been my first real climber and get-into-everything kid. She has her own ideas of where to do, what to do, and how to get to it. As I snapped this picture of her last night while she was pretending to sleep on the lego table (maybe she has a future with the circus laying on a bed of nails?) I thought about all the silly photos I have captured of her being her silly self. So this entire photo blog post is dedicated to my Silly Stella Sue. She couldn't make me laugh and smile more!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

bubble gum anyone?

When we moved into this house, I devoted the largest bedroom to my 'craft room.' Soon baby Stella came along and the Big Plan was to put Stella in Sidney's room. When we discovered that our Big Girl didn't appreciate a crying baby, Stella moved into my craft room. Of course, that put quite a damper any crafting that I hoped might occur since naptime is craft time. I moved most of my equipment downstairs and did sewing/scrapbooking/random crafting at the dining room table, much to Steve's dismay. Being the third child, Stella never had a nursery. She had the only unpainted room in the house that housed everything we didn't have a place for. Life is so unfair, baby. So here we are today with another baby on the way and we've run out of bedrooms, so the girls are going to bunk together as originally planned.

Since darlin' Sidney was born, she has lived in an Americana theme room. I have always loved it---but she had dreams of Pink. Since I'm the one who loves the Americana, Sidney's room has now become my craft room the nursery and the old craftroom/junk spot/nursery is now a delightful shade of pink and housing matching beds for my two little girlies. Stella, however, is staying in the crib as long as I can manage it, so she doesn't live in the room yet. Sidney is perfectly fine with that arrangement.

Here is the room as Steve was taking down the crib and moving it across the hall:

See what I mean about it being a catch-all room?

See the dresser up there in the 2nd picture? I wanted that in the girl's new room, but it didn't fit with the beds. There is a matching chest and two nightstands, though, that we painted a cream color (they look white, but they are cream, dang it!). Here's the room & the furniture after much painting:

There is nothing up on the walls yet because I'm not sure where I want to go from here. I'm sure in a few months I'll get to nesting and really finish it up.

I do need to warn anyone out there who is planning on painting a room using the colors of pink, brown, and cream that you might develop an uncontrollable craving for Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes and feel the need to buy a bag and eat them all. There. You've been warned!