Monday, June 22, 2009

not great clips

Taylor and Sidney needed haircuts. Taylor is choosing to let his hair grow long this summer, but needed a bang trim so he could see. Sidney just needed an inch off the length. I used to always cut Taylor's hair, but longer hair is not my forté, so I loaded up the troops and headed to Great Clips. The 'stylists' were not busy and there were a few available, so they got their hair cut at the same time (really good since I had to keep Stella out of the hair on the floor during the cuts). Taylor's was finished and the lady said "it looks uneven, but it's really not---besides you don't want it to look perfect." I thought it looked funny, but since he wears his hair messy, I thought it would be okay once it dried. Sidney was finished too, so we paid and we were outta there. Quick and painless, I thought.

Not so. Next day, I start brushing Sidney's hair and this is what I find in the back:

Taylor looked like a member of the beetles, but worse. Not only was it uneven across, but one side looked completely different than the other:

I knew it was bad when Steve got home and thought I had cut their hair. I took them back and had them re-cut. The same lady got Taylor and she said "well, you only wanted his bangs that's all I cut." Well yes, lady, but I did want it even and well blended.

This is probably my 4th bad experience with Great Clips haircuts. The first three were my own, but I thought that surely they couldn't mess up kid's hair. I'm done trying to save money on hair!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

top three questions

What's for dinner?
Have we had it before?
Did I like it?

These are the three questions that I hear daily. It takes every ounce of restraint I have not to answer question #3 with "No, you hated it and that's why I made it for you again. Because I'm THAT mean."