Monday, December 26, 2011

pumpkin man

Pumpkins.  They make me happy.  I love a good rich orange pumpkin in Fall. 
Or maybe it's just orange that I love.  Is it because I was raised attending High School sports games where the Orange was so bright it just might have glowed in the dark (Hail Orange and White!)?  Was it actually attending said High School where wearing orange every friday was considered standard and the orange sequins on my show choir costume glittered with every jazz hand move?  Whatever the reason, I love it.  My living room walls look fantastic bathed in Orange-y goodness (not the glow-in-the-dark shade, thank you) and my newly refinished computer cabinet looks very lovely as well. 

So, where was I going with this Ode to Orange?  Pumpkins.  My front porch was adorned with them for fall.  My uncarved pumpkins didn't rot this year and were still in perfect condition when it came time to pull down Fall decor and start with Winter decor.  There was NO WAY I was throwing these beautiful pumpkins away!  As I took the pumpkins to the garage, I realized that they were stair-stepped in size and would be a most perfect snowman.

A bit of white paint, orange felt, buttons, and black sticky velcro circles and we had our pumpkin man.  He's keeping warm in a spare scarf and hat and makes us all smile! 

Thursday, December 08, 2011

early resolutions

Oh, blogging world. I've missed you. Really, I have. I'm not just saying that to make me you feel better. Guess what, blogging world? I'm resoluting in 2012 to add blogging back to one of the 'things I do.' (Yes, fully aware that 'resoluting' is not a real word. But, you like it too, don't you?) I'm also resoluting to work on a weakness in 2012. That weakness, friends, is Procrastination. (I know...some of you were on the edge of your seats waiting to see just which weakness I would choose. Yes, there were many to choose from.)

Here I sit fulfilling a New Year's Resolution before the New Year has even arrived. Take THAT, Procrastination!

So there's that: Two of my resolutions for 2012. I'm not sure if I have any more...I'll figure that out some other time.