Monday, January 18, 2010


I got a great note from Sidney (age 5):

You ro the Best! Yao came to my prde pad to day at one fifde two. Loo loo! Hoo? Do you lic sbgede?

Translation: You are the Best! You came to my party pad today at one-fifty-two. Loo loo! hoo? Do you like spagetti?

Again I say.... huh?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy stella day!

I'm starting to be convinced that the way a child arrives into the world is very telling of his or her future personality (at least as a toddler and young child. I'll let you know if the theory holds true.)

Taylor made life easy on his pregnant mama and arrived 9 days before his due date, making a super quick entrance and waiting for no one (including the doctor). Mellow and easy to please, our doctor called him a 'trick baby'---a baby that 'tricks' you into having another one!

Sidney had to be served an eviction notice to vacate the premises and came into the world starving for both food and stimulation. A Drama Queen and Perfectionist from day one--She needed to make an entrance and make sure she was good and ready for it.

Stella didn't want to waste one moment of life and arrived 6 weeks early. Super sweet, snuggly, and mellow she captured the hearts of everyone around her. Once she started moving, though, look out! Busy and needing to explore every little detail and jumping from one thing to the next. Perfectionism is completely not a priority. Give her fun and waste no time doing it and the rest will come later.

That was two years ago today that my little Stella became part of our family. She has easily taken on the role of Baby of the family and is willing to share that role with the new baby, but is in no way ready to give it up entirely.

From my little 5 pound 8 ounce peanut to my big 2 year old today she's only gotten better!

Happy Birthday my Stella Bell!