Monday, December 29, 2008

hey, those are shower curtains!

When we moved here nearly 2 years ago, we went crazy painting every wall, decorating, etc. But window treatments were a last priority. When it did become a priority, Steve and I had a hard time agreeing on anything. So our windows have been unadorned. A few months ago, we were on a date at Target (this is how you measure how a. old, b. married, c. parental you are----you go to Target on your date) and passed by the shower curtains and these caught my eye. Yes, they are shower curtains. Even better they were on clearance (score!) We finally purchased rods over the weekend and put them up. I love them! And hey, if I'm ever in need of a shower curtain, I can just pull down one my window treatments---dual purpose.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry Christmas

I guess it's time to quit mourning over Obama's big win and update my blog. I took down my favorite election ad with Palin's legs and my anti-Obama signs. I would put up a sign with Obama's legs, but who wants to see that? Not me.

Obamessiah aside, today we celebrate the birth of the REAL Messiah! Merry Christmas everyone!

Jesus is the Christ! He was born in a stable to the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem and is the Savior of the World. May we follow Him, keep Him in our hearts, and keep the spirit of Christmas year round.