Wednesday, July 01, 2009

party of six

I've always said I wanted 4-5 children. Steve has always said 3-4 would be great (although there was a time when we had 2 when we thought that would be a perfect number for us). Here we are with 3, and a 4th on the way. When I was pregnant with Stella, I knew there was another baby for us. I knew it so much that I was convinced I was carrying twins and was shocked (though relieved!) when I learned at the ultrasoundsthat I was not. When we decided to have a 4th, Steve said "and that is it, right? We'll be done." Well, I thought so! But how could I know if I'd have that 'feeling' again and think we needed 'just one more' (famous last words from Jon now w/o Kate). Now that #4 is in the oven, guess what? I'm so done. Maybe it's the morning all day sickness talking, but the idea of doing this again sounds horrible crazy scary like not a good idea.

A family of 6---that has it's benefits. It's much easier to sit a family of 6 in a restaurant than a family of 7, right? A family of six can squeeze into a booth with three on each side (with one parent manning two children, because that would only be fair), but where is family member #7 going to sit? Actually that works out kind of well if family member #7 is in a high chair because you can stick him/her at the end of the booth. But let's be real---if I have 5 kids and the youngest is in a high chair, am I really giong to ever go out to eat?

Let's not forget the all important even numbers that make it easier on Disneyland rides. How many in your party? 7? Oh, who's going to ride alone? I guess we can pick the kid that's being most obnoxious at that moment, but when at Disneyland it's pretty much required to pretend your kids are never obnoxious and that you are one (big) magical family.

Then there is the issue of the dining room table. We have two tables---each has 6 chairs. And we can't just pull in a chair from the dining room table to the kitchen table to make 7 because the dining room table is a counter height and the kitchen table is a normal height. Buying dining tables is never fun for me, so you see, 4 children is a good number for us.

Actually, 3 has been a good number for us as well (you hear that morning all day sickness talking again?), but in the words of Rollo "That ain't no etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet." So, #4, I know your little ear buds can't hear yet, but listen up---you are IT! Don't come begging mommy & daddy for a little brother or sister because it's not going to happen. I will sympathize with you (I'm the baby of six children), but I will not under any circumstances cave and give you a younger sibling. I will do what my mom did and buy you a Kid Sister Doll (and you will be lucky enough that you won't have any neices to rube desitin all over it and throw it into the pool. I'm just sayin'). Welcome to the family, kiddo!