Tuesday, February 07, 2006

oh mandy

Mornin', just another day
Happy people pass my way
Lookin' in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
How happy you made me, oh Mandy
Well you came and you gave without takin'
But I sent you away, oh Mandy
Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shakin'
And I need you today, oh Mandy

Yes, it's Barry Manilow today. I get this song. I get it right down to the name: Mandy. She isn't a lost love, I didn't send her away, and she didn't really kiss me, but I still get it. Mandy is my best friend.

Mandy and I met our Freshman year of college when we were assigned dorm rooms next to each other (we would have been neighbors, but the bathroom was in between. Stupid bathroom.) We clicked immediately even though she thought I was a bit of a dork since as I unpacked my belongings I had my high school choir CD jammin' on my stereo. But, she overlooked the wierdness of it all and we became fast friends.

It's been eight years since we met and our hearts are still close, but physically we are far apart. We live on opposite sides of the country and I miss her. We are both married with babies and we have our own lives to keep up with. But, we never lose sight of each other and the special friendship we share.

Mandy is the kind of friend everyone should have. We can talk about anything or nothing at all and it's still fun. We know everything about each other---the good, the bad, and the ugly---and we still love each other. I can hug Mandy and it never feels wierd or forced. We're like school girls at a slumber part when we giggle about everything, play with each other's hair, and act all kinds of silly. Sometimes we go a length of time without talking and when we do talk again it's like we never left off. We say the same thing at the same time and we finish each other's sentences. There is some kind of connection between Mandy and I that I don't think either one of us fully understands or can explain. We just know it's there, it's real, and it's amazing.

It's only Mandy who will sing the Golden Girl's theme song with me...Thank you for being a friend! That's how I know we're meant to be.


Amber said...

I will now have the golden girls teme song in my head the rest of the day- thanks a lot!

Steph said...

How awesome. I have a friend like that too, and I miss her.

Rachelle said...

Awesome post! I have a friend like that too. She lives in Idaho, but we're still close. You make me miss her!

Sugarmama said...

Glad I don't know that particular theme song, as I am very susceptible to someone else's inner radio. (I'll have "Mandy" playing in my head for the next couple of days, though, thanks!

Lucky you to have a friend like that. I've got 2 such friends still left from college, and I'm happy to say we all still live in the same college town. There's something great about having a friend who knew you where you were young and foolish. Or, you know, when I was young and foolish anyway.

Lee said...

I love friends like that! They are rare!

Lei said...

Sounds like my college roomate... 2 random people assigned to be dorm roomates and voila! A beautiful friendship that will never die... we're lucky, aren't we? ;-)

Alissa said...

dude. it's been 3 whole days... time to blog.