Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 reasons i love britax

I have a dream to become a Child Passenger Safety Expert. I love learning about this, especially about carseats. I spend a lot of time researching and reading about them and take pride in knowing how to install and use carseats correctly. Did you know that 80-95% of carseats are used incorrectly? Even a properly installed carseat won't work if the child isn't in the seat correctly. Also, a child who is in a seat correctly won't be fully protected if the carseat isn't installed correctly. I am passionate about my children being as safe as possible. I pay attention to carseats. I pay attention to how people use them, how children are harnessed in them, and to how the carseats work. I'm often saddened at what I see, but that's a whole other blog. Today's blog is inspired by two carseats that I installed in my van today. The more experience I have with carseats the more I love Britax. Along with pictures for your viewing pleasure, I'll tell you why. (Yes, I went out and took pictures...don't laugh at me. I'm on my favorite soapbox.)

1. Britax harness straps don't get twisty or scrunchy like these other seats:

I have owned a Britax Roundabout for over three years. The straps are still perfectly straight and not scrunchy:

This is our other Britax, a Marathon that we've owned for less than a year. You really can't tell that the Roundabout is any older:

2. Britax seats come in cool and funky colors and patterns. You'll have to ask the Assitant Gardener why our colors are very tame and unfunky.

3. Britax are so easy to install. I've installed a lot of seats and Britax are easiest by far.

4. Many Britax seats have True Side Impact Protection.

5. The Companion infant seat has a higher weight and length limit than other infant seats. This made a difference of over 6 months of usage for us!

6. The Companion infant seat has an anti-rebound bar.

7. Britax seats can be tethered rear-facing. Other seats can't and are much harder to install and stabilize rear-facing.

Yes, Fat Girl is still rear-facing at 17 months and over 25 pounds. Children should stay rear-facing for as long as possible.

8. Britax seats allow children to be in a 5-point harness up to 80 pounds!

9. Britax seats have convenient belt holders that hold the straps aside for boarding.

10. Britax seats exceed US Safety Standards.

I love Britax!


Taffi said...

Someday I want to be brave enough to ask you to check my carseats, but I'm too afraid that I'll be in the 90% of poor installers and then I'll feel bad and stupid and you won't like me any more. :-)

ShelahBooksIt said...

I know I'm in the 90% (hanging my head in shame). And I do want a Britax for the next baby, although my evenflo triumph is a pretty cush seat too.

I'm glad you're doing this gardener!

The Constant Gardener said...

Taffi--I will only think you're bad if you DON'T ask me to check ;). I'll love you even if you don't use carseats at all, I promise (I'll kick you're butt...but I'll still love you.)

Shelah--If I didn't buy the Britax, I would have gotten the Evenflo Triumph. Good choice!

Andrea said...

You are the car seat Queen! I'm sure you'd be appauled by Australian standards.

MusicalMom said...

I'll have to try Britax next.

I'm so not happy with my Cosco Alpha and Omega's straps (that I bought for my oldest before I knew better). I think this is the last child I'm using it on--which is good, 'cause it's about ready to expire.

It's hard to install a rear-facing carseat on my captain's chair of my Toyota Sienna. Any suggestions? It tends to lean to the side. Ugh.

Rachelle said...

I love my Britax. Seriously love it. We had it installed by a car seat technician. You know I am a fanatic about car seat safety! Cam will stay rear facing as well.

Katy said...

Sorry, I'm just LOL after our recent conversations. You know I still love you though - obsessions and all.:)

The Constant Gardener said...

musicicalmom--I've had the same problem. Are you installing with LATCH or the seatbelt? It's easier to get it not to tilt with the LATCH. Have someone assit you---you kneel on the seat pushing it in the direction you want while the other person pulls the belt. Or take it and have it professionally installed. Rear facing is SO hard to install correctly. That's why I love using the tether rear-facing with the Britax.

emlouisa said...

I heart my Britax's. Hooray!

Lee said...

You are the carseat queen!! WOW!

Doulabean said...

Amen!!! I'm totally on the soapbox with ya! :)

ubercyl said...

I do really, really like Britax, but our Britax infant carrier car seat was extremely heavy. I have tendonitis in both shoulders, so I got him into the convertible car seat at 4 months. Couldn't haul it anymore.

MusicalMom said...

I'm using a seatbelt. Our car is pre-latch.

I'll have to install it again--this time with dh's help.

sheri said...

Kelly's just about outgrown her infant carrier. I need to look further into the next carseat we have in storage. My hopes? That I'll think it's ugly (or even unsafe) and justify getting a Britax. Thank you for your blog! You may have helped me here!

scraphappymama said...

I am right there with you. I had an Evenflo before and those straps are horrible. I have at least convinced the hubby that a new carseat is a must for #2 and I think I am winding down to a huge win for the Britax. Thanks for your comments, they should help seal the deal.

Jess said...

Awesome! The pictures are really nice. I have a denim roundabout, and I can't wait to break it out again for the new baby. I never did get the tether right rear facing before, maybe you will have to give me some pointers? :)

Anonymous said...

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