Wednesday, May 31, 2006

great expectations

What do you want for your birthday, Little Boy?

-remote control lady bug
-real hammer from Home Depot
-new bed
-"finding scope" to see the moon and stars
-ceiling fan
-monster truck picture
-monster truck book

You will all be excited to know that I actually found a remote control lady bug!

I haven't had a "What Do You Love?" day for awhile...and today's the day!

I love...
-sleeping in
-expensive cereal
-japanese maple trees
-this story
-baby showers
-fresh baked bread

What Do You Love?


Mama Darlin' said...

Little Boy never fails to crack me up! What will he think up next?

Your bread looks amazing, by the way!

Nikkie said...

That birthday list is just too funny! I'm totally with you on loving sleeping in!!!

itybtyfrog said...

I love fresh baked bread too. I made some on Sunday. Nothing like warm bread from the oven.

Lee said...

I love ice cream, specifically Lemon Custard from Baskin Robbins.

Katy said...

WHERE did you find a remote control ladybug??? LOL!

I'm touched you love my story too! Thanks.

I love park days with MOF's!

Maine Mom said...

That's quite an intersting birthday list! That's neat you found the ladybug.

That bread looks so yummy!

Sabra said...

lol at the remote control lady bug. won't he be surprised! and your bread looks great! i need to make some. but i just filled my baking quota with cinnimon rolls, so maybe next week.

beth said...

I love that birthday list. And will he be getting his very own light bulb?

emlouisa said...

I love my friends.

And I cannot wait to see Little Boy's remote control ladybug.