Thursday, May 18, 2006

an ode to emily

Emily, Emily with her hair so brown
She's so much fun to have around

She's smart, and witty, and oh so funny
She makes my day so very sunny

It's with Emily I love to share my food
When we can't decide
If we are in an appetizer
Or dessert kind of mood

Emily, Emily with her rubbing feet
She can't help it and I think it's kind of neat

It's Emily who tells great stories when she gets the chance
And makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants

She's a wife, a mom, former turkey grower, and friend
I hope my fun with her will never ever end!

Bloggers---your mission of you choose to accept it is to write an Ode to one of your favorite friends. Do two if you can't decide! Make someone feel loved today!


emlouisa said...


How sweet. I am totally laughing. And lol about the feet rubbing.

What a funtastic (yes, a new word I JUST created!) post!


Emily--feelin' all sorts of special.

Jane said...

I agree with everything you said! I just wish I could go to GNO with you guys, and try to decide what to eat.

Emily makes me laugh too!

Sabra said...

loved it! rofl!

Stephanie said...

I want to live by you guys! You make my neighborhood feel so BORING!

This is great!

sheri said...

rofl! I, too, wish I lived near you. Both of you!

Mama Darlin' said...

IS there room for one more! I would love to have friends like you two so near! What fun you guys must have!

Lei said...


so touching!

Amber said...

I'm all pheclemsed! (no clue on the spelling there). Go IdaEm!

Char said...

ROFL. You two are hilaire!

Rachelle said...

LOL! So cute!

Nettie said...

Delightful! Now it just needs a melody....

Heather said...

I LOVED meeting you and Emily this weekend. So glad we got to get to know you both! See you around!

Alissa said...

Emily is um, well, funny. Very funny poem.