Thursday, June 08, 2006

the baby formerly known as fat girl

My dear Aunt J from Texas emailed me recently and told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog. However, she had a concern about me calling my precious daughter 'Fat Girl.' She reminded me that the girlie will be older soon and will be able to read these things. You know, she's right (as the older, wiser generation most often are) and Fat Girl needs a new name. She has all sorts of nicknames...Sister, Princessa, Bella Beautiful, Bella Roonie, Funny Bunny, Silly Sue, Bug, Baby Girl...the list goes on and on. From the day she was born, Little Boy has called her by her first name ________ Sister.

From here forth, Fat Girl shall be known as Little Sister.

Thanks for the reminder Aunt J! And happy reading!


sheri said...

I understand. I've recently thought the same thing everytime I call Kelly "my chunky monkey" lol

emlouisa said...

Lol. I was going to sit down with you intervention style to discuss this very thing. Glad Aunt J did first. :) I like Little Girl. The kid AND the name. :)