Sunday, June 11, 2006

five things i have learned this week

Things I've learned this week. Hopefully Emily doesn't mind me stealing her format for a day.

1. It's very sad to live so far away from Grandparents. Steve's parents were here for a few days and Little Boy was entertained and had so much fun. Little Sister was thrilled to have someone who would read to her whenever she wanted. Both were very sad and cried when we dropped Grandpa and Grandma off at the airport today. An airplane was taking off as we left and Little Boy said "That's Grandpa and Grandma's plane!" I told him he should wave goodbye to them and he lowered his head, started crying again and said "I don't want to wave. I miss them." He breaks our hearts.

2. Lite Brites are much cooler now than when we were kids! Little Boy got one from Aunt K for his birthday and it's a hit! I highly recommend it.

3. Blogging is time consuming. I guess I already knew that, but it was reaffirmed this week. It's been really busy and while I love doing it, sometimes I just don't have 3 hours to sit down and think of something witty to write. I also haven't had the time this week to read all the blogs I'd like to read. There are many of you who haven't heard from me on your blogs in awhile and I'm feeling bad about that. And when I do read and want to comment, Blogger decides it hates me and crashes. I'm going to reform next week, though and go on a blog reading and commenting spree. Just you wait.

4. Traveling with children is so much more complicated because of carseats. The kids and I are accompanying Steve on a business trip this week, but he flew out today and we're to follow tomorrrow. As I sat this morning still trying to figure out the logistics of carting two small children, two huge carseats, and luggage from the parking lot to check-in I had a brilliant idea. Forget parking...I'm getting a shuttle to come to my house and pick us up. He can drop us off at he curb and we can use the skycap service. Problem solved, but it still sounds a bit hairy. Oh well. It will be fun, right? I'll be back to report on that.

5. Emily looks SMOKIN' with her new hair cut. People, I've seen it in person and it's truly hot. Snap. Crackle. POP.

That's all there is, there is no more.


Valarie said...

How sweet and sad about the grandparents' visit. I know what you mean about traveling with carseats. I admire you for doing it solo with 2. Have fun on your trip!

Jami said...

I can finally post now!!!!!!! Thanks for changing just for me!

I understand your worries of traveling with 2 small kids...btdt on a business trip as well, good luck. And I agree, Emily does have a great head of hair!

I can't wait to "post" on your next blog, lol!!!

Nikkie said...

It is very tough to live far away from grandparents! My hats off to you for traveling with 2 kids in car seats! I dread very much having to take my little guy on a plane!

Katy said...

Have a great trip. That's great to know about a Lite Brite... gotta get me one!

emlouisa said...

Snap, crackle AND Pop? Wow. Thanks! :)

Yeah, you are brave with the airport thing. Good luck and have fun!!!

smartmama said...

hey i've been blog absent lately- ditto on ems hair although i haven't seen irl- i am gearing up for a trip to she shelah with the boys i can already feel the carseat lugging pain

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