Wednesday, August 02, 2006


"He's the next Martha Stewart!"

It's not what you want to hear about your son. Even if it's true. It seems Little Boy has developed an interest in interior decorating and event planning. I get lovely centerpieces created on my kitchen table on a daily basis. Sometimes it's a dinosaur theme. Other times it's a rock and pinecone theme lovingly donated from his private collection. My personal favorite is the dinosaur theme with a bit of whimsy thrown in by adding Monster Trucks crushing cars.

One day Little Boy woke up insisting that we were having a party that day. I repeatedly talked him out of it, but he just kept saying "Okay, we'll do it tomorrow." All my hopes that he would forget about it by tomorrow were dashed when I woke up to find that Little Boy had the table all set for his Party:

(I added the table cloth to hide our horribly scarred table top and helped him minimize his centerpiece to just the two trucks, but the rest was him.)

I couldn't think of any really good reason to say no, so we called up some friends and invited them over and picked up some cupcakes for the kiddos and some watermelon for the adults. little Boy declared it "A Silly Party" and wanted to decorate with streamers, balloons, and a silly party sign. I nixed the balloons and streamers, but gave in on the sign. He decorated the letters himself.

It was a really fun time and Little Boy was completely thrilled with it. Since then, he's been throwing parties and decorating all over the house nearly every day (and I'm sick of it thrilled with his creativity!)

Right now he's trying to talk me into throwing a birthday party for "his brothers" (no, he doesn't have any brothers, but he insists he does. His brothers are his imaginary friends. There are three of them and they live in a striped monster truck in the mountains). He wanted to buy toys for them (I said no), make a cake for them (I said no), and has been wrapping presents (putting his toys in grocery bags and piling them on the fireplace) for days. At what point do I say enough?

If you see a dinosaur/monster truck centerpiece on the cover of your favorite decorating magazine in 20 years, you'll know that Little Boy has fulfilled his true potential. I'm going to encourage him and let him become the next Martha if he wants to---as long as he stays out of jail and doesn't become this guy.


Char said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious! What a good mom you are for having a silly party!

sheri said...

And did you know that "that guy" totally asked my bil to move in w/him? Uh, my bil is like 20 years younger than him and not gay.

abc momma said...

I heard "that guy" was really married and had a much lower voice.

I love your son's imagination.

Nikkie said...

That is just hilarious! You're great for letting him do it! I hope for you that he grows tired of it soon!

He's got a great imagination!

modernmama said...

You are such a great mom, and he is so adorable! Modernboy loves Food Network and wants his own cooking show--maybe they should team up!!

Cmommy said...

I love this post!! Good mommy! C

Jamie said...

I check in on your blog from time to time but have not ever commented. Wanted to tell you how much I loved this, too funny! Thanks for sharing :)

emlouisa said...


I knew the story already, but your blog is hilarious. And can I tell you again how cute I think the rick rack picture holder is? Darling. An idea I may have to copy in the future.

I think you should make a cake for his brothers and have a big shin dig. BUT, only if we are invited over to EAT said cake.

QueenMeadow said...

ROFL, thats awesome!! Seriously awesome.

You are such a great mom.

Nicole said...

What a fun mommy you are. Little boy is so lucky to have you.

ALI said...

omg! this is so cute!!! my little guy walks around the house with my purse over his arm, thats enough to make his daddy worried! (if he had seen it)

Jami said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute party!!! I'm so sorry we missed it. Be sure to invite us the the "brother's" party!!! I wanna eat the cake like Emily.

Anonymous said...

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