Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

Let the carving begin!

Little Sister missed the point of cleaning out pumpkins. As soon as hers was cleaned out, she filled it back up...and then some.

Little Boy's "bumpy little pumpkin":

Daddy's "Super Grumpy Gus": Mommy's "swiss cheese" pumpkin and "Nellie Nose-Job":
Happy Halloween!!!


beth said...

Yay Nellie Nose Job! I love her! I have a pumpkin that would have a nice hook nose...hmm.

Nikkie said...

Those are come cute pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Char said...

That whole filling the pumpkin back up has me giggling like crazy.

Lee said...

Those are so cute!!!!! Love the nose job.

Jami said...

Your swiss cheese pumpkin is awesome!!!!

sheri said...

Awesome pictures!!!