Wednesday, October 25, 2006

three things (updated)

1. So, I didn't make the cake. Emily's friend, Applemom, made it for me. The moment I saw the cake that pesky ole perfect woman made for Emily, I knew that I must have one for Little Sister's party. Everything else revolved around the cake. It was vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting and mini-chocolate chips. It was delicious! And the two little candles on top? Crafted by Applemom for the occasion! She should open a business, really.

2. I talked to Sister's doctor last week about her procedure and they didn't have the results. They needed a second opinion, so they sent her biopsies to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. It looks like she could have Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or another inflammatory bowel disease. It was not what I was expecting to hear. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting to hear "Nothing is wrong...we don't know why she has the problems she does." I got my crying out and decided to move forward and wait for a definitive answer. I've waited and waited and waited. Still nothing. This mama is about to throw a tantrum.

3. Some things you should try:

*Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip at Chili's. YUM.

*Gerber Grins & Giggles baby lotion in the Sweet Pea scent. It's sweet

*Homemade laundry detergent. Yes, you heard me right. My sister-in-law introduced me and it's really easy, and really cheap! I just made the dry powder. It should last me a long while!

Have a Happy Wednesday!

**UPDATE: I heard from the doctor after I posted this yesterday. She asked us to come in this morning to discuss everything and discuss treatment options. She didn't tell me over the phone what is going on. I've been a bit of a mess. Steve is out of town (and he's very upset that he's not here), so my awesome friend Emily is going with me to the appointment for support and to help me listen to the doctor.**


Char said...

Sorry you don't have any answers about Little Sister yet. :o(

I'm strangely intrigued by the homemade detergent....You know I'll be trying it.

Jauna's Crafty Stuff said...

I hope you get good news from the dr!
and the homemade soap.. i dont know if i could give up my tide. I really love that stuff, BUT if it cleaned as good i might consider it.

Jami said...

Let me know how the soap goes, that sounds interesting.

And you know I'm thinking of you and Little Sister. Prayers to you both and big (((HUGS))).

Love ya,

Lee said...

I hope things go okay tomorrow. You are in my prayers girl. ((hugs))
I am going to have to look at this soap stuff.. interesting.. very interesting.
And I love the cake!

ALI said...

hey just wanted to give you a mommy to mommy hug, hope you get good news, thinking of you on my little corner of the east coast!

Staci said...

Oh. My. God. I love that cake. Just found your blog, love it!!

beth said...

I'm thinking of you this morning and hoping for good news for you all.

sheri said...

Thinking of you all as well.

Rachau said...

Thinking of you as well.

Nicole said...

I am thinking of you and Little SIster. I hope that all goes well.

Jane said...

I want to know about the laundry soap, how do you like it?

Glad little sister is doing better.