Monday, June 04, 2007


We seem to have a bit of a pirate obsession around here. I'm not talking the ever popular Pirates of the Caribbean with the Oh-So-Dreamy _______ <---(Insert Johnny-Bad-Boy or Orlando-Pretty-Boy here, I personally like Johnny, but that's just me). I'm talking the Backyardigans Pirate Treasure. This show has got to rank among the top children's shows of all time. It's a show that my kids love and that I can watch with them and be equally entertained. Who knew cartoon characters could dance so well?

The kids play "Arrr!" while weilding swords (old baby spoons) and cover or close one eye and say "Arrr!" and just generally act all pirate like. How do I know they are pirates? By the way they say "Arrr!"

If you wanna be a pirate, sail the ocean blue
You go and steal some treasure, 'cause that’s what pirate do
We laugh a pirate laugh, dance a pirate dance
We wear a puffy shirt and some baggy pants
Arrr! Arrr! Arrr!
A pirate, a pirate, a pirate says “Arrr!”
We sail a pirate ship, we don’t drive a car,
And they know you’re a pirate when they hear you say “Arrr!”
“Arrr!” mean yes, and “Arrr!” mean no,
And “Arrr!” means come on mates, let’s go!
Say “Arrr!” when you’re happy
And “Arrr!” when you’re smelly
And “Arrr!” when you’re having your pirate toast and jelly
Arrr! Arrr! Arrr!
A pirate, a pirate, a pirate says “Arrr!”
If you think we’re tough, you’re right, we are
‘cause they know you’re a pirate when they hear you say “Arrr!”


Char said...

Sabra's kid sang that song the entire drive to St George almost 2 years ago. I still find myself singing it at strange moments.

g said...

My kids love backyardigans, too! We listen to the CD in the car :)

momofalltrades said...

ooooo, we LOVE the "yard-gains" and that song has a particularly ear-wormish effect on us all! The other one is "Racing Day"..that one gets in your head and won't.come.out. I just love toddler tv! LOL

sheri said...

LOVE Backyardigans! I wish Kyle were still into them. *sigh* Our favorite was "you gotta hold on tight! hold tight..." To this day we still break out in that song whenever I happen to say "hold on tight" (like to the grocery cart or whatever)
I'm hoping Kelly gets into this show, too.

Olivia said...

I find myself singing "What do you do with a scurvy pirate?" ALL THE TIME! It's one of T's favorites.

Ditto the racing day song!

I'm pleased with this kid show!

Nicole said...

My little one loves Backyardigans too!

Jami said...

And can I just say that they have great singing voices!!! We love them too!

Sunny said...

How cute are your pirates?!

Alissa said...

how totally freaking cute is that?!