Monday, June 23, 2008

where has my little boy gone?

First Day of Kindergarten, August 2007:
Last Day of Kindergarten, May 2008:


Clegg Family said...

wow! it's amazing how fast they grow in less than a year! he's such a good lookin' kid!

Nikki said...

Crazy how fast they change! Look how different he looks in just under a year!!

sweetpea said...

Wow! He has grown up! Isn't it amazing how that happens? Day-by-day it's hard to see the changes, but one day you look at a picture, and they've grown. What a handsome boy!

Jauna said...

wow he changed alot in a year! he looks a lot older, and less of a baby face! but he's still cute! that party looks soo fun too!