Monday, April 27, 2009

our poetic family

Sunday evening, the kids wanted to give the lesson for Family Home Evening. They decided on teaching us about Missionaries and for our activity, Taylor asked us all to write poems about missionaries. Here you go for your giggling pleasure:

First we start with what could only be written by a 4-year-old girl:

Mariposa Missionary
She always helps people
She teaches people
She is really nice
She is a pretty girl butterly

Then mine, which is completely lame:

Missionaries come from far and near
They teach the people and never fear
Righteous and strong young women and men
Preach the gospel and save people from sin

Taylor's was completely cute (with his spelling):

Mishinaries travel near and far. All in one place. They teach the gospel.
They eat dinner at peaples house!
I hope on my missin I will go to Guam!

And then Steve. Leave it to him to produce this little beauty:

Missionaries wear a black name tag
They never let their dress pants sag
What they teach is not a gag
Accept the gospel and eternal life's in the bag
Now listen hard or the missionaries will nag
Don't get baptized and fingers will wag
Good missionaries are famous on the cover of a mag
If you don't work hard your wife'll be a hag


Camie said...

Hey,I served my mission in Guam! Taylor is the coolest!!!

david-and-shellie said...

Thanks for sharing your poems! I loved them all, especially the last line of Sidney's (it made me smile!) and Taylor wanting to go to Guam!! Your kids are so sweet. And it's awesome that they can plan and do FHE at this age. It was all I could do to keep Ally in the room last night for our FHE!

Karen Richter said...

Alicia - these cracked me up! I was thinking (always dangerous) that it would be fun to swap a blog... I write a "guest blogger" post for yours and you do the same for mine. I promise to be good...

Clegg Family said...

Haha! these were on earth did T pick Guam? :) Steve must have served a great mission cause you ain't no hag! hahaaa!

Queen Mother said...

"Your wife will be a hag."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Julee Dorr said...

How cute of an idea!!! All very good poems!!! lol