Monday, November 23, 2009

who you callin' a tramp?

I've always said I wouldn't ever have a trampoline. Words Eaten.

When we broke the big news to the kids that we were moving to Arkansas, one of the first things we told them was that we would have a big yard and would get them a trampoline. They were sold!

We made good on our promise and finally got it all set up on Saturday. Taylor and Sidney spent most of the day out there and Stella joined them later. They jumped yesterday until it was dark and time to come inside for dinner and started asking to go out to jump at 6:30 this morning (when it was still dark and wet outside). I'd say it's a hit!

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De Anne said...

trampolines are the best! My kids get so much exercise on it. They'll sleep really good after a couple of hours outside.