Monday, November 02, 2009

halloween part I

I used my powers of persuasion to talk the kids into painting their pumpkins this year instead of carving (because I'm the master carver in the house and that was not on my mile long list of things to do). They must have sensed the borderline hysteria in my voice, because they complied and were happy about it.

There are some artists in the family (and that list does not include me) and one of my favorite things is to watch my kids use their creative skills and be little artists. However, next time, Taylor's artistic flair might have to be taken outside to prevent the splatters of red paint that ended up all over the kitchen. Stella had her first painting experience and was enthralled! I let her get messy, but drew the line when she started painting her face and then her chair. There are many more pictures of Stella because, well, it's her first time and these things must be documented. Enjoy!

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