Monday, November 02, 2009

halloween part II

Have you heard the one about The Ninja, The Witch, and The Puppy?

Me neither. And it's probably not even funny.

Halloween got put on the back burner this year because of our big move to Arkansas. If we could have managed it, Halloween wouldn't have even happened this year, but as kids grow up and go to school, their teachers teach them silly things like how to read a calendar and there was no getting around it. This is the first year that we bought a costume at the store for Taylor. Normally I would care. This year, I don't! I did put together Stella's, so maybe my mom-of-the-year award won't be taken away just yet.

It took one or two houses for Stella to catch on to the trick-or-treating idea. She learned very quickly to go up to the door, speech some gibberish and hold open her bag. When she got candy, she waved goodbye and took off down the driveway saying "Go!" It was completely adorable and even though she was mistaken for a cow, she was the cutest puppy (a tie, of course, for the puppy that Taylor dressed as for his 2nd Halloween).


Clegg Family said...

those last two pictures are making me miss Arizona a bit...your kiddos looked pretty cute- Stella makes an adorable cow! haha! (just kiddin'...)

Jer and Cam said...

What a cute bunch of kids! We miss you guys!

Katie said...

Just so you know, Rosie is reading this with me and pointing and saying, "Lella! Lella!" We miss you guys already! I hope you are enjoying Arkansas. Send me your info so we can chat!

sweetpea said...

They are all darling!!! Happy Halloween!