Thursday, December 24, 2009

the cardboard house

Last Christmas, the kids asked to make a Gingerbread House. Now, this would be an easy task if I could just buy the kit or use graham crackers. Having a gluten-free kid takes the ease out of it, though, and I baked up a cute little Gingerbread House for them to decorate. This year, the holiday spirit just wasn't kicking me to be that ambitious. Cardboard makes a wonderful substitute for gingerbread! It's not as if the kids actually eat the gingerbread anyway. They just want the candy. Best of both worlds.

Sid's Side:

Tay's Side:


De Anne said...

What a fantastic and creative idea. You are so right. No one actually eats the gingerbread. Why not use cardboard?

Alissa said...

genius! i need to do this too, because of the ant/bug issues here.

Jer and Cam said...

That is one fine cardboard mansion! It's a great idea. Breanna begged me to eat some of our gingerbread house today and so I consented and I think she nearly broke a tooth.
Love your Christmas card! We didn't get em out this year, but it's our New Year's resolution for next year! Miss you guys! Merry Christmas!!

sweetpea said...

That is a GREAT idea!!!! Merry Christmas!!

Tami and BJ said...

Great idea Alicia! Thanks for the letter and for the invite to the blog. You are hilarious! Miss you!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! I love your new house I hope all is treating you well we miss you guys!