Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like....halloween?

Three days before Christmas and something is amiss! It started with Sidney putting on a black dress and black tights and declaring herself a cat for the day. She insisted on whiskers and I couldn't think of a good reason to say no (and I tried). There is this word is our house that is slowly starting to become known as 'the F word' in my mind. Fair. It all must be fair and equal. I keep asking them who told them life was going to be fair and equal, but they look at me as if I have two heads. So, in all fairness, Taylor had to be painted as well. First he said he was a superhero. Now he's an Indian (excuse me. Native American.)
Even the almost two-year-old is learning the 'Fair' word and had to join in the action.
It's almost the new year, but for now, we are living in the past---Merry Halloween!

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frugalmom said...

You are a great mom for letting them do that! I have a hard time with mess sometimes and it is very easy to say no when I should probably say yes.

for things that are not so harmless, there is a saying on the wall in my 4th graders' classroom, it says something like "Fair does not mean everyone gets the same thing. It means everyone gets what he or she needs". One of my favorite sayings to my kids is "it does not have to be equal to be fair".